Yay Rose

Social Media



Fashion retailer Frunky was launched in early May 2017. Beginning as a social media based start up, Frunky needed a strong & memorable digital presence to take the business off its feet. We decided to focus on Instagram & Facebook upon launch & added Pinterest into the mix shortly after. From the very start, it was important to focus on the most effective social media platforms & pave the way to marketing success. 

In as little as 8 months, Frunky grew to over 2000 followers, more than 600 local, national & international orders & collaborated with countless fashion brands. Frunky has made it’s mark in the Territories fashion industry & will only continue to dominate. It’s the perfect example of how social media alone can build a business from the ground up. 


Ken's Crepes Mindil 

Crepe food van, Ken’s Crepes Mindil, were in need of a social media reboot to achieve three major goals; drive attention back to their brand, attract new customers & stay ahead of competitors.   

Facebook & Instagram were significant players here, with a large focus on keeping in line with KCM’s brand identity & tone throughout all social media activities. KCM’s reach increased drastically & we watched their number of followers constantly rise. But the effects didn't stop there - outside of the digital world locals were talking; meaning objectives were achieved & results expanded beyond client expectations. 




O'Donoghues First National 

This Darwin real estate agency strengthen their social media presence dramatically by simply creating better content. We focused on posting localised content to increase engagement & reach - & the results were epic. Greater followers, increased likes, comments & shares & amazing feedback from viewers of OFN’s social media.

A simple change in content created incredibly effective marketing results. The agency went from posting bland wish-wash to powerful & engaging stories that people cared about.

With Facebook’s ever changing algorithm, we helped OFN understand new tactics to reach their target audience & have added a powerful Instagram account to the strategy.


Darwin Living 

Darwin living is an Instagram based blog showcasing Darwin culture, food, drinks & nightlife. Based solely on Instagram, it was crucial for Darwin Living to post high-quality, enticing photos to stand out from it's competitors. From the drawing board, we established Darwin Living's brand identity & developed tactics to ensure they had a cohesive feed.

In only one month, Darwin Living's followers reached over 1000 proving their spot in the Darwin blog scene. Here, we focused largely on Instagram Highlights & stories to really capture the beauty of Darwin & show followers the content they strive to see. Our next step - developing an effective creative blog.